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Haerang Luxury Railroad Cruise Hop Onboard for a luxury land-based tour of Korea

Haerang is a train that’s part hotel, part observatory, part entertainment facility, and 100% fun. On the outside, the train is a striking blue with a gold phoenix emblem; on the inside, it’s full of clean and modern accommodations and conveniences, ensuring visitors a safe and pleasant travel experience.

The luxury train takes passengers to major tourist destinations in Korea's southwest, southeast, and eastern regions, including Gokseong, Suncheon, Tongyeong, Gyeongju, and Jeongdongjin as part of a one-night, two-day or two-night, three-day program. Train fare is inclusive of all services and travel fees (not including your souvenirs!). Travelers move from one destination to another by train or by bus and visit famous local restaurants to feast on regional specialties like hanjeongsik, raw fish, and hanu beef. Deluxe lunchboxes are provided when the travel schedule does not allow time for a more elaborate meal (only once or twice during the trip).

Haerang's guest rooms range from standard rooms and family rooms to deluxe rooms and suites. All passenger rooms are equipped with a bed, an individual bathroom, a TV and air conditioning, allowing for a relaxing and comforting stay. Beds are soft, but firm, reducing the rocking motion of the train. For the privacy and security of guests, each room can only be accessed by individualized keycards.

Traveling by train is a unique travel option that lets passengers fully appreciate the surrounding countryside. Take a look out your room window or head over to the passenger car at the middle of the train for a wide open view of the passing scenery. The observatory car is especially popular because of the shows and recreational programs offered throughout the day and in the evening.

Feeling peckish? Stop by the café next to the observatory car for a variety of snacks and beverages, served with a smile; muffins and cookies, as well as coffee, milk, and juice are available 24/7. In short, Haerang has it all: comfort rooms, hospitable staff, various entertainment programs, open viewing space, and delicious meals. Take a ride on Haerang railway for a luxurious but intimate tour of some of Korea’s most beautiful travel destinations.
Tourist Sites on Haerang Itinerary
Aura Trip (southwestern, southeast, and eastern regions)
Day 1: Seoul Station – Lunch (Deluxe Boxed Lunch) – Gokseong Station - Gokseong Leisure Culture Center (traditional Korean music performance) – Seomjingang Rail BikeHwaeomsa Temple in Gurye – Dinner (Grilled hanu beef) – Accommodations: passenger cars
Day 2: Masan Station - Breakfast (Abalone porridge) – Mount Mireuksan Cable CarOttchil Art Museum – Lunch (Grilled eel) – Gyeongju Station – Dinner (Hanjeongsik) – Anapji pond / Cheomseongdae Observatory by night – Accommodations: passenger cars
Day 3: Sunrise at Jeongdongjiin Station - Mangsang Station - Breakfast (Hwangtae casserole) – Hotsprings at Donghae Yakcheon Silver Town – Mureung Valley – Mukho Fish Market (in Mukhohang Port) – Lunch (raw fish set menu) – Chujeon Station – Seoul Station
Day 1!
Gokseong Leisure Culture Center   Seomjingang Rail Bike   Hwaeomsa Temple
The first stop is Gokseong Station, followed by a visit to the Gokseong Leisure Culture Center, where passengers will attend a gayageum performance and “Show Heungbuga,” performed by a famous Korean sorikkun artist. During the show, the sorikkun performer comes out into the audience and laughs and jokes with the people, making the show more interactive; his heartfelt efforts are so compelling that you’ll hardly be able to take your eyes off of him.

After the traditional music performance, you will move on to Seomjingang Rail Bike by bus. Take a leisurely pedal along the converted railroad, which overlooks the beautiful Seomjingang River on the left. The tour then moves to Hwaeomsa Temple, a large temple with over 1,500 years of history and home to an impressive collection of stone engravings. Stroll the grounds to gain a deeper understanding of Korea's traditional Buddhist architecture and cultural relics. After Hwaeomsa Temple, you’ll be heading to Jinsang Station, where you’ll dine on quality grilled Hanu beef. After dinner, return to the train for some drinks; mingle with your fellow passengers or take part in the onboard recreational programs.
Day 2!
Mount Mireuksan   Ottchil Art Museum   Anapji Pond /
Cheomseongdae Observatory
On Day 2, take a short 15-minute ride up the Hallyeosudo Observation Cable Cars from Tongyeong to the summit of Mount Mireuksan, located about 461 meters above sea level. From the cable car stop, follow the signs along the wooden stairs to Mireuksan Observatory, where you can catch a bird’s-eye-view of the beautiful Tongyeong Port and Hallyeosudo Marine National Park. Afterwards exploring the area, the group will take a 30-minute bus ride to the Tongyeong Ottchil Art Museum. Here, you can purchase modern paintings and crafts made using Korea's traditional lacquer techniques. Lunch will be served after the tour in the gallery.

Back on the train, you will move to Gyeongju, the town that was the capital of the Silla kingdom for a thousand years (BD 57 - AD 935) and is often referred to as “an open-air museum.” Upon arrival, you will be treated to an authentic hanjeongsik dinner in a hanok restaurant, after which the group will visit Anapji in the northeastern part of the city. This gorgeously landscaped, mazelike pond and its surrounding woodwork are even more majestic at night, when they are lit by a series of colorful lights.
Day 3!
Jeongdongjin Sunrise Park   Mureung Valley   Mukhohang Port   Chujeon Station
At 5am on Day 3, the final day of the trip, Haerang reaches Jeongdongjiin Station in Gangneung, Gangwon-do Province. Jeongdongjin Station is a popular place for tourists to catch the sunrise, as the station is just 20 meters from the East Sea. Young couples often come to this region for an overnight or 1-night, 2-day trip to enjoy this breathtaking sight.

After breakfast, your group will be taken to the Donghae Yakcheon Silver Town for a soak in the hot springs. Then, after a 30-minute bus ride, you’ll come to Mureung Valley in Yeongwol where you’ll be able to take a light hike along the trails and breathe in the fresh air. On your way, you’ll even be able to spot broad rocks covered with poems written by scholars from ages past.

A visit to the Mukho Fish Market in Mukhohang Port is absolutely crucial when visiting the East, so of course it’s included in your itinerary! Walk along the aisles of fresh seafood and lose yourself in the lively ambience and energetic sales pitches of the vendors. The last destination on your journey is Chujeon, the train station that is located at the highest altitude in Korea (855 meters above sea level). Have your picture taken with the commemorative rock (reading, “The highest station in Korea”) or look down from Mount Maebongsan (1,095 meters above sea level) for a view of splendid mountain ridges. Then, gather up your belonging and get ready for the ride back to Seoul Station.
>> There are two trains that are in operation as part of Rail Cruise Haerang:
*Train No. 1 offers the standard one-night, two-day itinerary (Haeoreum, Ssimille trips) and the two-night, three-day itinerary (Aura trip), with two departures a week for each course
*Train No. 2 offers customizable one or two night travel excursions (contact Rail Cruise Haerang for details)
Haerang Fares
Two-night, three-day Aura trip: Suite (sleeps 2) 2,320,000 won; deluxe (sleeps 2) 1.950,000 won; family (sleeps 3) 2,390,000 won.
<** Fare includes passenger room rates and all travel costs. For single passengers, 330,000 won is deducted from the prices quoted above.>
One-night, two-day Haeoreum, Ssimille trips: Suite (sleeps 2) 1,540,000 won; deluxe (sleeps 2) 1,280,000 won; family (sleeps 3) 1,550,000 won.
<** For single passengers, 180,000 won is deducted from the prices quoted above.>
* Information and booking: Korail Tour Service for Haerang 080-850-7749 (Korean, English, Chinese, Japanese)
More info.
☞ Official site of Rail Cruise Haerang http://www.railcruise.co.kr/ (Korean)
☞ Korea Travel Phone +82-2-1330 (Korean, English, Japanese, Chinese)
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