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Flea Market in Seoul

On weekends, several flea markets are open to the public in Seoul, where sellers display their used goods or handmade goods for sale. There are all sorts of goods, ranging widely in diversity and costs, anywhere from a 500-won T-shirt to hand-made hair ornaments or hand-knit hats. The most popular flea market in the Gangbuk area is the Hongdae Flea Market, where college-age artisans sell their meticulously handcrafted works. In the Gangnam area, there is the Seocho Flea Market, where thousands of people buy and sell used goods every day. Other special markets are the Yongsan Flea Market selling computer-related parts and goods and the Daehangno Philippine Market where Filipinos gather to sell Philippine specialty foods and groceries. Meanwhile, the Flea Market in Gwanghwamun, still relatively small, is held mid-way from Gwanghwamun station to Gyeongbokgung Palace, offering great attractions for people passing by. So if you happen to be in Hongik Univ, Daehangno, Gangnam, Gwanghwamun, or Yongsan areas on the weekend, make sure to visit one of these flea markets. If you know how to bargain, a generous seller may even offer you a discount and you’ll be able to take home a precious keepsake.
Hongdae Flea Market Daehangno Philippine Market Seocho Flea Market Yongsan Flea Market Gwanghwamun Flea Market

The Hongdae Flea Market opens at 1pm every Saturday from March to November. Instead of used goods, you will find a variety of items handcrafted by college-age artists. The collection is quite extensive, ranging from hair ornaments crafted in Korean traditional needlework, to bags and hats with original, hand-drawn designs, shoes and diaries, and even music CDs just produced in a recording studio. You will also find portrait artists who will draw your caricature as well as impromptu musical performers. This place is vibrant with numerous things to see that are a pleasure just to see.
A traditional needlework hair band is 8,000 won.
Artists who have registered with the Hongdae Flea Market administration are permitted set up a stand or sell goods at the market. The ambience is much different from other markets, where you will find many unique, handmade crafts. If you want to see some young talent and passion, visit the Hongdae Flea Market on a Saturday afternoon.

*Views of Hongdae Flea Market *
*Places to eat in Hongdae *
Located on the street down the hill from the Hongdae playground in an eye-catching yellow building, GIO Hot & Spicy Mushroom restaurant (지오버섯매운탕) is familiar to everyone who visits Hongdae. Hand-made, thick noodles come with various mushrooms and vegetables in a delicious broth, which is later, stir-fried with some rice. This only costs 5,000 won. This popular restaurant has been introduced several times on local and international TV. Also conveniently located near the subway station is a place called Ajeossine Nakjichon (아저씨네 낙지촌) which offers small hot and spicy octopus. In the past, the restaurant made big news because it was only opened to women patrons or men accompanied by women. However, now, it is also opened to male clients.
Another tasty restaurant worth trying is Teumsae Ramyeon (틈새라면) which is located near Hongdae Club street. It is a chain restaurant serving various types of Korean-style ramyeon noodles. Its wall is plastered with post-it notes written by clients. The most popular dish is the ramyeon dish with bean sprouts. In the afternoon, you will also find many pojangmachas (street stalls) nearby Hongdae. Simple and savory snacks like tteokbokki, sundae (Korean sausage), and deep-fried foods are served for 2,000 to 3,000 won.

*Places to visit in Hongdae *
B-Boy theatre Hongdae’s Club Day
As the premier art school in Korea, Hongik University (Hongdae) and its surrounding area are always buzzing with young people. Here, numerous clubs feature the best DJs and underground groups in Korea. The clubs are clustered around the side streets near the playground where the Hongdae Flea Market is held. Hongdae’s Club Day, which is usually on the last Friday of every month when visitors have access to all the clubs for the price of one ticket. If you want to enjoy the best break dancing in Korea, you may want to check out the B-Boy theatre for a B-Boy dance performance. Also, if you want to listen to jazz music, the Club Evans where small jazz groups perform various music every night is the best recommendable. In addition, a variety of performances can be enjoyed year round in Hongdae.
♠ Hongdae Flea Market
Time & Day: 13:00-16:00, Every Saturday from March to November
Place: Hongik Univ. Area (Hongdae) Flea Market

[How to Get There]
Take subway line 2 to Hongik Univ. Station, and go out exit 6 → Walk ahead onto the wide street on the left →
Turn right at the second small intersection → Walk past some shopping centers → When you get to a driveway, turn left→Walk ahead in the direction of Hongik University →
Continue to walk ahead and cross the street to the right at the three-way intersection → Walk ahead and go up the uphill road to the right → Hongdae Playground will be on the left-hand side.

*Get off at Hongik Univ. Station (line 2) and take Exit 6, walk straight to the four-way intersection, make a left, continue until the end of the street, make a right, follow the uphill road on the right
*Hongdae Table Art
On the second Saturday of every month, another small flea market is held at the Table Art near the Hongdae Flea Market. Table Art is a shop operated by a well-known, young potter and a florist selling lovely ceramic pieces as well as flowers. With its small teacups and saucers, cacti, and dried flower décor, it is especially popular among people with an interest in ceramics. Many young women visit this cozy, artfully decorated place on Saturdays to take ceramic classes or flower-arrangement classes, all at an affordable price. If you happen to be visiting Hongdae Flea Market, why not just stop by to visit this shop as well to browse around or to buy some beautiful ceramics and plants.

Views of Table Art
      * Address: Doosan Apt. Sangga (shopping center) #102, Sangsu-dong 396, Mapo-gu, Seoul
      * Tel: +82-2-336-3308 / Fax: +82-2-336-3032
* How to Get There
Take subway line 6 to Sangsu Station, and go out exit 3 → Walk ahead for about 3 minutes → Turn at the first street on the right in front of the entrance to Doosan apartment complex.
[ map ]
Every Sunday, Filipinos gather in a market in Hyehwa-dong to meet and chat with friends. The market sells groceries from the Philippines as well as magazines, and CDs, drawing both Filipinos and Korean clients. This flea market is especially unique in that it offers a rare opportunity to experience the local culture of the Philippines. If you want to experience Philippine culture in Seoul, visit Hyehwa-dong’s Philippine Market from 12 p.m. to 6 p.m. on Sundays. While the main sales are groceries, the market also offers foods made on the spot, pojangmacha foods, ramyeon, and snacks. The prices are relatively low: a banana fritter wrapped in thin dough is 1,000 won and 3 mangos cost 5,000 won. If you want to try the cuisine of the Philippines, be sure to visit the market with an empty stomach.
*A variety of Philippine Foods *

*Places to eat in Daehangno*
Offering different menus under the same name, Nolbu (놀부) franchise restaurants are quite popular in Korea. At Nolbu Budaejjigae (놀부 부대찌개), which is located across from Maronnier Park, the main specialty is a stew with kimchi, ham, sausage, and various vegetables with prices starting from 7,000 won. Meanwhile, Nolbujip (놀부집) is located at a 1 or 2 minutes walking distance from exit 1 of Hyehwa subway station. The restaurant serves Korean set meals and offers various musical performances every hour. The nolbu sangcharim that comes with 18 different dishes costs 10,000 won during the weekdays for lunch and 12,000 won during weekends and weekdays for dinners. If you want to eat sweet, mild bossam (slices of boiled pork wrapped in sweet kimchi), try the Nolbu Bossam (놀부보쌈) located at the street corner by KFC. In Daehangno, you will find something for everyone, since there are numerous Korean and fusion-style restaurants serving savory dishes that are not too strong or spicy.

*Places to visit in Daehangno*
Naksan Park Maronnier Park Rock musical ‘Line 1’
Daehangno is a famous spot for concerts and play performances. Numerous theaters of every size are always bustling with plays or concerts. In particular, the rock musical Line 1, which has already marked its 3,000th performance and is one of the longest-running shows, offers subtitles in foreign languages for international visitors. Maronnier Park right in front of the subway station has some basketball hoops that attract people who want to play a game of 3 on 3 basketball. Naksan Park is a ten-minute walk from Maronnier, and offers a spectacular view of Seoul. Lovers in Paris, a unforgettable TV Drama, was filmed in this location.

More info on the Daehangno and Samcheonggak →
♠ Daehangno Philippine Market
     * Time & Day: 12:00-17:00 every Sunday
     * Place: In front of Dongseong Middle & High School in Daehangno
* How to Get There
Take subway line 4 to Hyehwa station, and go out exit 1. Walk ahead until you reach Dongseong Middle & High School on the right.
[ map ]
The Seocho Saturday Flea Market is located at the Seocho District Office plaza in front of Yangjae Station, Subway Line 3. It is one of the largest flea markets in Korea and sells all types of used goods except for food. The site is opened for all sellers on a first-come first-served basis from 8 a.m. every Saturday. Most sellers wait in line from 6 a.m. to get a spot, so if you have anything to sell, make sure to be there early. There is no participation fee, and participates are allocated a lot. The market has clothing and accessories such as 500-won bags and 1,000-won T-shirts as well as electronic goods, antiques, and everyday goods. When buying an electric product, make sure to check the equipment before finalizing your purchase. The Seocho Saturday Flea Market is huge with thousands of participants, but there is no food on sale. To get something to eat, visit Yangjae’s market (across from the Seocho market) or Gangnam. Occasionally, simple snacks such as thick azuki bean soup and gimbap are sold at the flea market.
*Views of Seocho Saturday Flea Market *
*Places to visit near Seocho Saturday Flea Market *
Gangnam 7 Luck Casino
Just a short distance away from the Seocho flea market are some more interesting places to visit such as Gangnam and the Coex Mall. Yangjae station is a transportation hub that is always bustling with people that are going hiking or taking a bus for Gyeonggi-do. If you take a bus across from the flea market, you can easily get to Gangnam or COEX in less than 10 minutes. To get the most out of your weekend trip, combine a visit to the flea market with an excursion to Gangnam or COEX.
♠ Seocho’s Saturday Flea Market
     * Time & Day: 09:30-15:30 every Saturday (The market starts to shut down around 2 p.m.)
     * Place: Seocho District Office plaza and the nearby area
* How to Get There:
Take subway line 3 to Yangjae Station, and go out exit 8 → The flea market is on the left
<!----- 용산 ------>
The Yongsan Flea Market is held every week at the arcade between Seonun Sangga and Najin Sangga, where merchants working at the Yongsan Electronics Market sell computer-related parts and products. You can buy computer supplies like mouses, keyboards, mouse pads, monitors, sound cards, and even computers at more favorable prices than at retail prices. Of course, most products are used goods or carried-over goods, but you can also buy new products as well. If you need any type of computer accessories or supplies such as a 1,000-won mouse or 3,000-won sound card, visit the Yongsan Flea Market between 11 a.m. and 7 p.m. on weekends (closed on the 1st and 3rd Sunday of every month).

*Views of Yongsan Flea Market *
*Places to visit in Yongsan *
National Museum of Korea Yongsan Space 9
(I’Park Mall)
Yongsan Electronics Market
At the Yongsan Electronics Market, you can buy computers, cameras, along with all types of household electric appliances. The market is huge, and you’ll find practically everything. The I’Park Mall, which is connected to Yongsan subway, offers various performances on its outdoor stage. The 9th floor of I’Park Mall also houses the world’s first permanent e-sports stadium, where you can view live games by local and foreign amateur or professional gamers for free.

♠ Yongsan Flea Market
   Time & Day: 10:00-19:00 on weekends (closed on first and third Sunday of every month)
   * Place: Subway Line 1, Yongsan Station, the arcade between Yongsan Sangga and Najin Sangga
* How to Get There

①Take subway line 1 to Yongsan Station, and go out exit 3. → ②Turn right and walk ahead. → ③At the end of the dead-end building, take a right. → ④ Walk ahead and turn at the first left. → ⑤The passageway is connected to the 2nd floor of Yongsan Electronics Market. → ⑥From the 2nd floor, go to the first floor using the stairs outside. → ⑦Once outside, walk up the road to the left-hand side. → ⑧Cross the road and walk ahead along the road. → ⑨When you see an overhead bridge, turn right when you get to a building on the right and you will see the market.

The Gwanghwamun Flea Market is on the way to Gyeongbokgung Palace. It is small but charming. The market hasn’t gained a lot of popularity yet, but when the weather is nice, there are many venders and visitors. The flea market is an interesting place to stop by when you are visiting palaces or other tourist sites in the area. The market is opened from 11 a.m. until 4 p.m. every Saturday. If you have anything to sell, you can register on site and pay a participation fee of 2,000 won.

*Views of Gwanghwamun Flea Market *

*Places to visit in Gwanghwamun*
Gyeongbokgung Palace Samcheong-dong Ubiquitous Dream Hall
National Palace Museum of Korea Insa-dong Cheonggyecheon Stream
There are many great places to visit in Gwanghwamun, all within walking distance: The Ubiquitous Dream Hall in front of the Gwanghwamun subway station, as well as Cheonggyecheon Stream or the galleries in Insa-dong and Samcheong-dong. Across from Simin Yulinmadang, where the flea market is located, are Gyeongbokgung Palace and the National Palace Museum of Korea. It is a convenient and worthwhile to combine Insa-dong, Gyeongbokgung Palace, Samcheong-dong, and Cheonggyecheon in one trip. Picture taking is prohibited on the way from Gwanghwamun station to Yulinmadang because the U.S. Embassy is located in between.

♠ Gwanghwamun Flea Market
     * Time & Day: 11:00-16:00 every Sunday
     * Place: Gwanghwamun Simin Yulinmadang
* How to Get There

Take subway line 5 at Gwanghwamun Station, and go out exit 2. Walk past the U.S.

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